24 Hour Al-Anon Hotline/Al-Anon Information

  • Rapid City Area – (605) 390-6432
  • Sioux Falls Area – (605) 679-5497

SPONSORSHIP – Looking for a sponsor? There may be help for you. Or are you willing to be a sponsor? We have compiled a list of men and women willing to sponsor others. If you are looking for a sponsor or are willing to be a sponsor, please contact Lynette at

GROUP REPRESENTATIVES – Are you currently serving as a GR for your group and would like to have someone to mentor you? Have you served as a GR for your group in the past and would be willing to mentor a current GR? We are compiling a list of GRs willing to mentor others and a list of GRs who would like a mentor. If you are a past GR willing to be a mentor or are a current GR looking for a mentor, please contact Audra at

To contact Area 63 (South Dakota) Alcoholics Anonymous click: SD Area 63 AA

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You may order literature by contacting any of the contacts on our LDC list below:

Sioux Falls

Sue C. 605-212-9823
Cathy: 605-360-9273
Lynette K. 602-690-7466

Rapid City

Donna R.: 605-391-5476
Audrey: 605-415-8895
Donna F.: 605-430-1707

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Members: If you would like to contact an area delegate please put “delegate” in the message body. If you would like to contact an area chairperson, please put “chairperson” in the message body and so on in the form below.